Single Grade Classrooms

South Olive Christian School will be opening single-grade classes in Kindergarten through Third grade in the fall of 2022. This classroom structure will help to accommodate our school’s growth and will allow for smaller class sizes that ensure a smaller teacher-to-student ratio. The fourth and fifth grades and the middle school grades will continue to be taught in combined grade classrooms that provide a uniquely designed learning experience for each student.  

Kindergarten – Fifth Grade

South Olive Christian School offers single-grade classes for students in kindergarten to fifth grade. 

3 Step Transitional Kindergarten

Traditional Kindergarten

If your student is not developmentally ready for the pace of full time school, the 3 Step Transitional option is for your family.

The 3 Step Transitional option is an adjusted framework that allows your child to receive the best education to fit their individual needs, setting them up for success.

How It Works:
Step 1: Your child attends Kindergarten
Monday/Wednesday/Friday during Quarter 1.

Step 2: At the beginning of Quarter 2, Tuesdays
are added to the schedule.

Step 3: Finally, Thursdays are added at the
beginning of Quarter 3. Your child is comfortable
and confident in their 5 day schedule.

If your child is ready for school five full days a week, the5 Day Traditional option is for you.

Watch your child grow by leaps and bounds in the
subjects of math, ELA, science and social studies.

He or she will also enjoy art, music, PE, Family
Group activities, and more.

Elementary Schedule

The elementary school runs from 8:25 AM- 3:25PM.

Elementary students have the option to order a hot lunch or bring a packed lunch. If you are interested in learning more about hot lunch and whether you qualify for reduced pay or free hot lunch, please contact the front office. 


Elementary Specials

We partner with West Ottawa Public School for our “Specials” classes. W.O. comes to our school and provides the following classes once a week (K-8th).
* Tech     * Spanish      * Art      * Gym

South Olive Christian School also provides Preschool-8th Library once a week. We are blessed as well to hold ALL school Chapels once a week! During this time, we praise our amazing God through song and worship. We invite local speakers to come talk with our children and share a short message. We pride ourselves on being one family throughout our school. We also do Family Groups several times a month- this is a time where the students are mixed with all different age students and simple spend time together and do fun team building activities.