Helping Hands

Helping Hands is a program that functions as support for the school financially. When programs are in a financial need that is not supported by the budget, they can use the Helping Hands program to fund their needs. Helping Hands is funded by the plans and coordination of events throughout the year.

Families are required to help in different events through out the year. They can help head up a program or assist in the event. We are always looking for new fundraisers or ideas to help our school!

The Helping Hands committee meets two times a year to discuss events and other happenings through out the school. 


The events are:

-Fall Craft Show
-Pastors Feast
-Little Caesars Pizza Fundraiser
-Christmas Program
-Tulip Time Walk
-Parking Lot Sale
-Middle School Play
-Grandparents Day
-Enrollment Night/Open Houses


TRIP (Tuition Reduction Incentive Program): This allows you to buy prepaid  “gift cards” to places you already shop and visit. When making your shopping list you are able to check online at the percentages you could “earn” for buying the gift card through TRIP. Simple order a physical card or you are able to order an ECard which goes onto your smart phone.   This is a great way to receive credits towards your tuition. Please contact the school to receive more information and to receive the code to sign up! 


Food Provided

Due to COVID allowances, our school has provided completely FREE Hot Lunches. We serve hot lunch daily based on a rotating scheduled menu delivered to us by West Ottawa. Each week an order sheet will be sent home and you can choose if you would like your child to have Lunch. The kids walk down to our Licensed Kitchen to pick up their meals and take them back to their rooms to enjoy. This is available for Preschool (all day Program) through 8th Grade. We are waiting to hear if the hot lunch program will continue in the 2022-2023 school year. 


South Olive makes and sells our famous pig-in-the-blankets. The pigs are made in the school’s licensed kitchen. Each family contributes parent service hours to help make these delicious treats. The profits from selling the pigs helps to keep our tuition rates low!

Commonly Asked Questions
If my child starts out in the Home School Program but LOVES being in the classroom, can they switch to full time?

ABSOLUTLY! We have had MANY families start out in our 3 day Home School Connections program who have switched to full time attendance! The great thing about our school is we can be flexible! Feel free to talk with your child’s teacher for their input, then reach out to the office and we will let you know what is needed to go full time.

Are there ways to help me afford South Olive?

Absolutely! We know that private school tuition can be a difficulty in this economy. If you want to attend South Olive but are unsure about the cost, fill out our Affordable for All online application form. The FACTS Management System will walk you through how to apply for tuition reduction to attend SOCS.

What are Parents required to help with?

We understand that everyone is busy! We require parents to help with just a few things throughout the year.

At the beginning of the year, parents will sign up for events they want to help with (usually 2-3 events).

We also require that each family help to make our famous Pig-in-the-Blankets. You will have from June through May to fulfill a certain number of hours.

Every Spring we have our Annual Auction: each family is asked to help solicit and collect donations or to serve at this event. We also ask that each family help make food to be served.

Throughout the year we may also ask for volunteers to make food or treats for special events or to spoil our AMAZING Teachers and Staff!

Does South Olive offer therapy services to students who require specialist intervention?

We are able to request Speech, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy services through the West Ottawa School District. In most cases, the specialist visits our school once or twice a week to closely with your child as needed. 


“ My child struggled every day to come to school before South Olive. His teachers had to pull him off of me sobbing and it absolutely broke my heart. He constantly would beg and plead for me to let him stay home as he just wasn’t happy in his class. Day one of going to South Olive was a night and day difference. My child felt so welcomed  and loved that by day two I couldn’t park fast enough before he was jumping out of the car, running to play with his friends. I am SO thankful we switched to South Olive Christian School! “

-Kindergarten Parent

“ My daughter was struggling in her class before coming to South Olive. She was getting lost in the hustle and bustle of a large class and it was beginning to show in her work. When she came to South Olive the teacher was able to work one on one with her and catch up to where she needed to be!” 

-4th Grade Parent

“ My daughter was getting bullied at her last school. It broke my heart to hear her come home complaining about getting picked on. We met with her teachers and principle and nothing was changing. We recently came over to South Olive and couldn’t believe the difference. Bullying is not an issue here because of the small classes and all the students care about each other. If there is a problem- it is dealt with immediately. Moving to South Olive Christian was the greatest choice we could have done for our daughter. Her confidence is back and she LOVES school now! “

-6th Grade Parent

“My daughter is a social butterfly with a large imagination. She gravitates towards art-like things and is by nature extremely curious. We have noticed as her parents that with the small classroom sizes she is able to exceed in her academics. She is getting extra attention that pushes her and challenges her as school comes easy to her. Every student in her class she calls her friend. Which as a parent makes my heart sing. Every birthday party, we invite the whole class, their siblings & parents as well as the teacher because we love the community her classroom has.” 

-1st Grade Parent