About Us


“They are like trees planted along the riverbank, bearing fruit each season.

Their leaves never wither, and they prosper in all they do.” Psalm 1:3

South Olive Christian (SOCS) is an accredited non-denominational PK-8 Christian School, centered on the learning and development of children. Our desire is to prepare and equip students for the challenges of an uncertain 21st Century world, with the foundations of a certain and unchanging God.

At South Olive Christian School, we believe that every student should receive the same consideration that we would want for our own children. At our school, the students and teachers are a family. The loving and healthy environment that exists has been created through the 70 years of dedication to outstanding education. The core of our desire is to educate students to the highest standards possible, while fostering a genuine love for Jesus Christ. We believe in high aspirations and expectations, creative solutions, and the genuine enjoyment that comes from a joy of learning.

South Olive Christian School is able to support church and family beliefs in a clear, consistent manner. Children hear the same message at home, school, and church. The goal is to build a strong, Christian young adult who is able to go into the world with a heart for God, a mind trained in discernment, and an unchanging standard by which to live. The relationship that children have with their Lord and Savior can be developed and strengthened through the guidance of master teachers and positive peer groups.

School Theme 2022-2023

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Benefits of Small School


In a small caring community school, every student can be heard and appreciated by teachers who care.


Because of smaller class sizes we are able to do one-on-one learning.


Because of our small class sizes, our students often get to study and play with peers across grade levels. Multi-age collaboration, cooperation, and communication helps our students grow!


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Mark Rozeboom


I graduated in 1991 from Tri-unity Christian School in Wyoming, Michigan, where I had been a student since their founding in 1980. Before I became an educator, I worked at my dad’s water treatment plant in Holland, Michigan; I was a video editor for a video production company; I also was an office administrator for a business consulting company. I earned my English degree at GVSU in 2000, and a Master in Education degree from the U of M in 2002. Since then, I have taught in a variety of school settings including student teaching in Detroit, English teaching in Chile, public school teaching in North Carolina, and Christian school teaching for 13 years in Traverse City. In 2018, I moved back to Grandville, Michigan, where Laura and I could raise our three daughters, Sophia, Thalia, and Freya, near family and friends. I appreciate the small, beautiful, rural atmosphere of our community that reminds me very much of my elementary school years. I love greeting our PreK-8th grade students as they enter SOCS each morning. Our students are a pleasure to know and to teach! Have a Salty and de-Light-full school year, everybody! (Matthew 5:13-16). 

Deanne DeYoung

Administrative Assistant

I have been part of the South Olive community for over 10 years when my children started attending preschool. My daughter Sadie is now in high school and my son Dawson is in middle school at South Olive Christian. My husband Jesse and I love the community and family feel at South Olive. The smaller class sizes have created an amazing learning environment for our kids where they have been able to thrive in the classroom. I have always been an active parent volunteer, but was pleased to accept a job working in the office in August of 2019. I love my job for many reasons but especially being able to see all of the students each day. It is a blessing to watch them grow in their faith and learn in a nurturing Christian environment. Please contact me in the office so that I can share more about why you should choose South Olive Christian School for your family.