Preschool & Young 5’s

Offered Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 8:45am – 11:15am.
Tuesday & Thursday from 8:45am – 11:15am.
Young 5’s program Monday through Friday 8:45am- 11:15am


NEW- All day options available starting for the 2021-2022 school year! Students may attend all day on any of the days they are attending in the AM.  – Call for more information!


To enroll in our Preschool Program students must be 4 by September 1. To enroll in our Young 5’s program students must be 5 by December 1.

Excellence for Young Minds 

Our preschool is an amazing experience for 4-year-olds and our Young 5’s program is specially designed for those ready for a half-day all week. We focus on learning about Jesus and his Word in a hands-on, project/thematic approach in which the world makes sense. Literacy and working on kindergarten readiness is always a focus while using all the ways available to us to learn more about God’s world.

NEW All Day Options!

We are excited to offer our new all day option for Preschool and Young 5’s. We understand that some students are ready for some full days but not a full week of them- so we have created the perfect solution!
You can now choose how many afternoons you would like your child to attend. You can choose any afternoon that your child attends in the AM. This will allow students to do a slower transition to prepare them for Kindergarten.


Please call the office to set up which afternoons you are interested in!


**There is a minimum student enrollment. We reserve the right to change or cancel this program if the minimum is not met.  

The Right Fit for You

With so many choices available today, selecting the best preschool to fit the needs of your child and your family can seem complicated. The program at South Olive Christian School is designed to suit the individuality of your preschooler with scheduling options to match the needs of your family. Preschool students (age 4) can attend our morning program 2 or 3 days a week. Children age 5 can enroll in our Young 5’s program for 5 mornings a week.

Kindergarten, Elementary and Middle School:

South Olive Christian Schools uses combined classrooms in kindergarten,

elementary and middle school to ensure a uniquely designed learning experience for each student.

Kindergarten/1st Grade

2nd/ 3rd Grade

Emily Kohl

“I attended Nyack College, in New York and obtained my bachelor’s degree in childhood education and a masters degree in special education. After graduating, I knew South Olive was the place I wanted to teach. I had attended South Olive as a student in grades K-8, so it was an extremely special opportunity to return as a teacher.
I recently just got married to an incredible man named Tyler Kohl. We are settling in and starting our future together as a married couple!
One thing I love most about teaching at South Olive is the relationships I get to build with the parents. Some of the parents of my students have become some of my greatest friends. It is such a special thing to teach in a place where you truly feel you’re surrounded by family. South Olive is that place for me.”

Jamie Essenburg

I currently teach second and third grade at South Olive Christian school. I have been teaching here for almost 10 years and I don’t know if I ever could go anywhere else. This school is my second home; it is like a second family. The small personal setting really helps to build a relationship with not just the students but Parents and staff as well.
I went to West Ottawa for my entire elementary middle school and high school years. And chose a Christian college after. I went to Cornerstone University and there I realized I want to share my faith with others and help students grow.
I also love to share my passion of sports at school by being the athletic director, as well as the softball and volleyball coach for our students. I love teaching at the school where we help students grow In many areas of their life.

Preschool, 2nd/3rd Grade

4th/5th Grade

Polly Storteboom

Having gone to public school my entire life, I chose to attend a Christian College. At Calvin College I enjoyed the fellowship of other Christians and having Christian teaching integrated through all the different courses I studied. After graduating from college, I spent my first year teaching third grade on the Navajo reservation in an isolated portion of New Mexico. Once my husband and I were married, we moved out to Los Angeles and I taught at a Christian Elementary School where I enjoyed presenting God’s truths in simple and understandable terms as I shared His love with my second grade students. After we moved back to Michigan and started a family, I homeschooled my four children for 17 years, individualizing their education for each of their unique talents and needs. Now that I am finished homeschooling, I am returning back to a Christian classroom.
I so appreciate that SOCS is committed to teaching from a Biblical perspective, I find it important to intertwine the many aspects of God within my teaching. SOCS looks at the whole child, including not only the academic but the spiritual, social, physical, and emotional facets of the child. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, professional and committed, the parents involved, and the students often cause me to smile!
The love of children…grins and laughter… childhood joys… playing…books…the combination of these drew me to be an educator. I knew from the time I was eleven years old that I wanted to be a teacher and have unswervingly followed that dream and goal. Teaching is what I do. I love it! It is my gift. The desire to connect, to share, to encourage, and to guide leads me on. Teaching is my love and is a natural way that I extend God’s love and knowledge to others.
I want my students to know and believe that God is love, power, creativity, mercy, and our shepherd and provider. My students are God’s children, made in His image and He takes pleasure in those who trust in Him. I want them to realize they were created for a relationship with Jesus Christ, who invites them, and all of us, to come to Him, love Him, know Him, follow Him and change the world for Him.

Ellen Jacobs

I love living in West Michigan and I love teaching 4th and 5th graders at SOCS. I am so blessed to learn with the students and play on the playground with them during recess.
“The joy of the Lord is my strength” and I try to live each day for Jesus at school and at home. I am married to Jeff Jacobs, a graduate of Purdue and a Civil Engineer. We have two sons. Nate is a graduate of Calvin University and a CPA. Ryan is a graduate of Michigan State and a Mechanical Engineer.
A graduate of Calvin University, I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary education and a Masters Degree in Special Education. I enjoyed being on the board of Michigan Council of Teachers of Mathematics, a volunteer at Helen De Vos Children’s Hospital, and a deacon at Holland Heights CRC. “Truly the joy of the Lord is my strength”.

Middle School- 6th, 7th, 8th

Dawn VerBrugge

I graduated from Calvin College BS in Secondary Education, a major in Mathematics, a Physics/Chemistry group major and a minor in German. God has guided and provided through every stage of my life. I taught math at Grand Rapids Christian High, had three wonderful children, was a Children’s Pastor at VictoryPoint Ministries, taught math at Hope College and middle school science at GRACE Homeschool Association.
I LOVE teaching at SOCS! Middle schoolers are the best and Math and Science are my favorite subjects. This is truly my sweet spot. I love being part of a community so dedicated to Christian education.
In my classroom we focus on active, hands-on learning, working with others, helping each other, and recognizing God’s amazing work in this world and in our lives. I love seeing the growth in each student both personally and educationally and I’m enjoying getting to know the unique character of each of my students.

Mark Rozeboom

I am blessed not only because I get to teach middle schoolers every day at South Olive Christian School but also because I get to be inspired by them every day. They are fun-loving, ready with a compliment, curious about new and exciting things, eager to learn more about the Bible and their faith practice, passionate about what they believe in, and so much more. I know that truly “the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these” as Jesus taught in Mark 10:14. These wonderful young people will soon become young men and women of God who are equipped with faith, hope, and love to build up his kingdom of heaven on earth, and I am grateful to be a part of that!

Homeschool Collaboration

South Olive Christian School offers a Homeschool Options for those that would like to have their children learn from home as well as in a classroom setting. Using our Home School Liaison to help parents and the classroom teachers ensure each student is engaged with the material and has the necessary support at both home and school.
Homeschool Liason
Jayne Schmidt

I attended Hope College, and have a bachelors in Special Education- Learning Disabilities & Elementary Education.
I taught for 4 years at Whiteford Agricultural Schools on the east side of the state. We moved back to Zeeland and taught 4th/5th grade at South Olive. I took the year off when I had my second baby and am now back helping kick start the Home School Connections program.
I’m excited to see where this program goes and how it helps meet the educational needs of families! I love being able to connect with the kids and families and hear about what they are doing at home. I enjoy being the connecting piece between home and school, I’ve always had an interest in curriculum and teaching teachers, so in a way I get to do that through this program!


Cost will be 70% of normal tuition
Students attend school Monday, Wednesday and Friday. They follow South Olives Curriculum, completing work in class when at school, and completing work at home on the days not attending. These students attend our daily specials (provided by West Ottawa such as music, spanish, gym, computer, library and art.) on the days they are here, as well as participate in our all school chapels on Friday. They are welcome and encouraged to attend all field trips or special school events.

   South Olive Christian School’s curriculum is provided for all homeschool students. This has become a major game-changer for many families in our area as many want their children to be involved with other students- but still study at home as well! Jayne works closely with each family as well as the teachers to ensure that everyone is on the same page so that the students continue to excel whether at school or home. 
Tuition: Let’s work together!
At South Olive Christian School we recognize the need and want for Christian Education in this ever-changing world. We also understand that paying for schooling can be a difficult choice for some families. South Olive Christain knowingly has affordable tuition rates.

Affordable For All Program: This program is based off of the families last year’s income ensuring that you will never have to pay more than 10% of your income for tuition. We also are able to set up a payment plan that works for your family. We want every family to know that if you have an interest in coming to South Olive we will work with you to help that happen! Please feel free to call Shawn- the tuition coordinator- at 616-836-9788 if you have any questions!

Homeschool Partnership is 70% of full tuition.

*Please note Afforable For All Program is not avaliable to the Home School option.

Preschool/Young 5 AM Classes
2 Day $916.00
3 Day $1,298.00
5 Day $2,352.00
Extension Preschool – PM Classes
1 Day $400.00
2 Day $702.00
3 Day $1,024.00
5 Day $1,525.00


Kindergarten – 8th
1 Student $4,547.00
2 Students $7,595.00
3 Students $9,719.00
4 Students $11,112.00

**Please note to attend the Extension Preschool child must attend that AM.

**Just attending PM Preschool is not an option at this time

Please call if any questions 616-875-8224








The students at South Olive Christian begin playing on team sports in 5th grade. We do combined sports from grades 5th-8th grade. This allows ALL students to begin practicing and participating in the following activities- Soccer, Volleyball, Softball and Basketball. Sports are a great way to teach teamwork and can provide life lessons on and off the fields.

Homeschool children are always welcome to participate.